Monday, April 25, 2011


Cousins were looking for dog but its expensive to get them in pet shops (Australia) and its not like u can pick puppies up from the road side like you do in Malaysia

ET's classmate has kittens she wanted to give away so we decided on a cat instead! She was such a frightful scared little thing the first day we took her home, we were trying to get her to not hide under the bed.

At first we kept Ash in the house. When i went to the toilet one morning, thats what i saw behind the door
"I'm Ash"

She jumped on the kitchen table and ate the fresh loaf of bread and my aunty caught her licking the pots. So we had to keep her in the backyard from then on

Little LT feeding Ash. My mom says LT loves animals since she was really young and that she wasnt afraid of our German Shepard Dickie

Pretty Ash

Sat evening, I bought 1kg of chicken neck from the supermarket and boiled soup because there was homemade dumplings in the freezer. OMG its soooo good!

I had the same thing for lunch and dinner on Sun as well! Hehe! So simple, chuck the whole packet of chicken neck in a pot of boiling water. Dump in two carrots, two tomatoes and two chilli padi. One onion.

Of course, please cut the vegetables. Salt and pepper to taste. Boil and boil, the longer the better. Add in some chicken breast and the dumplings.

Love!!! I ate up almost ALL the chicken neck (but not the bones). Gave a few pieces to Ash (she ate the bones). She likes my cooking too =)


Elwyn~! said...

Such a furry little furball.

Sue Lin said...

Yeah she's so cute!

dawnlim said...


So cute. And your soup sounds do u eat chicken necks???

MK Loo said...

eeks chicken neck got hormones...that's where they inject..ask Ryan not to eat, he will get man-boobs!! ha ha ha!!
Cute cat...nicer than malaysian

Sue Lin said...

Dawn hahah thanks. Just ermm... sort of suck the flesh from the bone. If u boil it long enough it will come off easily, all soft and tasty like the soup. Tasted of chilli, so yummy!!!!

MK Loo> i ate all by myself! Hahah they went camping that weekend, i stayed in Melb.

Ya Ash is sooo pretty! =)

Just Me said...

I love ASH!!! So pretty!!

Sue Lin said...

Ely n Laeti wanted to see your comment when i told them about it! Hahahha

Thanks for the love, we are happy u think she's pretty! =)