Saturday, March 27, 2010

What am i doing?

E and i hugged at LCCT for a long time, before i entered the boarding area of my flight alone, didnt want to let go...

On the plane, i asked myself "What am i doing?".

Had three seats to myself, lied down and fell asleep, exhausted. Asked myself the question again in the morning and another time upon touchdown in Melbourne.

But when i felt the cool autumn air on my skin, unconsciously, i smiled =)

Had lunch with aunt in a nice restaurant in Lygon, and then accompanied her to pick up the kids. I waited by the roadside with the car while she walked them up. Cute little 7 year old cousin came running from the right of the green car with a smile on her face

She gave me this

Awwwwwww, she made the card in school and it was to me =) I sat in the front seat and my cousins sat at the back. Hearing them speak to each other, not looking at them, it really is like hearing Aussies speak, so sooo cute!

My new wardrobe, i have so few clothes =(

Only the stuff below the 1st arrow and the stuff on the left of the 2nd arrow is mine. I haven't shopped at all in March

I brought lots of shoes though

Dawn dont kill me, i brought extra fancy shoeS! (Dawn forced me to make a list before i left) Hahaha. This pic does not include another pair of black shoes, sports shoes and waitressing shoes

Drove myself to the banks on Thurs, helped out around the house and attended aunt's life group yesterday, where everyone was either 7 years older or 7 years younger but it was fun. Its my bestfriend's house warming today =)


Sue Lin said...

Haih, really didnt think i'd come back so soon. Shouldnt have flown so many of my things back in 2008. Now i need it and have to buy new ones or give specific instructions to mom to mail it here.

Joey said...

Awww Sue Lin, looks like I just missed you! I'm back in KL now for a very short Hope to visit you one day :)

ying2 said...

Hi Sue..the card is so cute!!Haha love the way your cousin wrote n painted the card!!Glad that you are enjoying your life over there!!miss ya!thanks for the birthday wish!!

+ : A d a M : + said...

what are u doing there? you are there to start a whole new life.. =))'re also going to get your own place with extra rooms so u are prepared for the day when i come and visit!! HAHAHA

Sue Lin said...

Awww Joey! Its been so long since i last saw u! Do come visit =)

Ying Ying your welcome for the wishes =) Yeah, i love the card, its so cute!

Hie Adam, hopefully i can build an alright life and afford to not rent out whatever extra room i may have one day! Hahaha. There will always be the sofa/couch or a mattress

dawn said...

Hehe! Wish I can kill you. But can't now...too far :p

Missing you!