Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweet Taste of Freedom

Contrary to the popular believe, i am not free alright? I am one who tends to plan her holidays to the max, not waste a minute of it =)

Met her in SS2 for a good chit chat session. Food in Italia Bella ain't that great

Also arranged a little Frankston get-together. My ex-housemate HS! And AN who always visits in between classes. With E and with W.

Lots of chatter and laughter and keeping each other up to date! Yippie Cup bubble tea.

When ZH knew i wasn't working anymore, he asked me to attend his Wednesday morning graduation ceremony

ZH who, with AN, taught me how to play poker in Melbourne! =)

With B, whom i met through AN and ZH.

Its really weird that Monash placed the ceremony in the middle of the week. Friends of the graduates find it hard to attend. Siblings of graduates have classes to attend, Monash lecturers themselves cannot attend too!

I've been getting a lot of telemarketing calls on my mobile. In my last few days of work, i got one from a slimming centre, offered me a free session, being greedy, i made time for an appointment. They only gave me a lousy 30minute slim wrap

Where they mummify me in cloth and plastic. Beats me how this is supposed to make one slimmer. I've done this before, and i knew i was gonna be bored senselss so i brought my phone in. I'll NEVER purchase slim wrap sessions EVER, look at all the plastic they use. What a waste!

Next, i volunteered for Gerai OA again =)

Super happy cuz the last time i had time to do such a thing well over a year ago! This one was quite a big artsy thingie in Kompleks Kraf, i didnt even knew such a place existed!

My first task was to label the bookmarks. Tonnes and tonnes of them! Each stack of ten is made by a different person so we have to label them to ensure the cash proceeds goes back to the appropriate person.

Heheh, i picked out the nice designs for myself. I bought so many! My mom wants to frame them up as decoration for the house, i hope she doesnt forget!

I helped sell baskets, nose flutes, IQ testing games =)

Also helped label the bracelets so they look more presentable =) Then i walked around the whole fair, its huge!

Wayang Kulit and lots of other interesting stuff but being busy me, i rushed through and didnt take many pictures. I wanted to help Gerai OA with as much labelling as i can and then i wanted to go home and work on that darn ICAA assignment

By the way, its my birthday today =)


Isya said...

HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYY SUE LIN!!!!!! when are we meeting upp?? grrr...

oh, the bracelet kotak kotak thing looks soooo nice!!!!!

monash is always silly. maybe it's cheaper to book the place on a weekday.

the slimming thing. when u wrap ur body up like, it just helps reduce water weight?? so environmental un-friendly with all the plastic.

oh, have a good day today yea. an awesome one!!!

MK Loo said...

I have already collected the framed picture.

Wah!!! you did so many things in so short a space ah?

Sue Lin said...

ISYA! Thanks for reading my blog like 2 minutes before work starts! Hahaha, thanks dear for the birthday wish! Will try to change the meet up date so u can make it =)

Anything u like from Gerai OA? Next time i volunteer can get for u =)

I agree, probably cheaper to get the ballroom on a weekday MORNING! Crappy man, they charge the Malaysian students the same amount as Aust students in AUD to graduate as well!

There is really no point in reducing water weight, in fact its desireable to have more. What i should lose is fat mass. Its just easier for them to show u u lost wright on the scale if they cut out ur water weight (if i have all my facts right)

Lastly, it was awesome! Thanks again!

Moms! wowwww so fast! U already framed it?? Aiya, there is only 9 right, in the end i felt like giving u the 10th, i dont think i have time to read and to use the bookmark...

A lot of things meh? No la, could have been WAYYYY a lot more if not for the assignment, i havent even shopped!

dawn said...

what's this gerai oa about?

wow u did so much in a day.

i miss u already...

Sue Lin said...

Lol, no Dawn, its not all in a day. Its over a few days =)

Missing u too! See u tonight! Hhahaha