Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dell bell fell

My father bought me a simple Dell laptop 3 years ago, didnt like the way it looked but it functioned well, served me well for 3 years and counting! Since its been THREE years already, i decided to give it a new look!

After, and below, Before

Plain plain Dell

Decided to Skin it rather than Bling it

So so happy!

I love colours! It makes me happy looking at it

Like I did three years ago, camwhoring with the same old laptop. U know, i've never reformatted it. E lectures me for that. Do u guys reformat ur laptops frequently?

On another note... After 3 post graduate professional exam papers in a row, back to back (some of them overlapping) in 2009, i decided to go against Asian kiasu culture and stop speeding through education, i decided to take a break from it all.

I didn't enroll for the Term 1, 2010 paper. Deliberately missed the enrolment on 5 January, knowing that it would set me back, my batchmates at work will get qualified sooner than i will

Suddenly, last Sunday night, checked my mail to find this beautifully written email from ICAA telling me they noted that i am eligible to enrol but have not done so. They were gonna reopen the enrolment for a few days and that no late penalty will be charged!

Funny how i saw that email only 30minutes before the new due date! Hahaha, quick chat with my parents and i am back in the kiasu way of life

Arrived in less than 5 days after "swiping" my credit card online. How i wish my 3kg air flown DHL parcel contained clothes and shoes instead! =


Sue Lin said...

Gel, hell, sell, tell! HAHAHAH. The title has no meaning

Daniel said...

Sweats... I thought something to do with Dell. LOL...

Imagine Weird, Beard, Geared for my title next time

Isya said...

hi sue lin!!! im back!! hehee.
okay, im gonna study hard for my exam and hopefully fingers crossed real hard, i can take eba with you :)
(this is positive isya speaking)

Jacqueline said...

Ur Dell looks cool!!! Did you DIY the skin?

Sue Lin said...

Hahahahha, sorry Daniel, i really couldn't think of a title la. So just crapped, hey it was already 2am when i wrote the post =P

Weird Beard Geared sounds funny, use it one day! HAHAHAH

Hie Isya welcome back! All the very best dear, u can do it, i'm sure! =D

I am thinking of taking EBA in Febuary 2011 instead of September 2010... but we'll see how it goes, will keep ya updated =)

Thanks Jac! Yups, i DIY it =) A little imperfect when u look at it closely but nevermind la, no one will look at it closely but me! Hahaha

Valdez Lisa said...

it's good to hear that you finally decided to take AAA this time. We can study together again =)

Sue Lin said...

Dunno sempat tak. Hope we can have our Coffee Bean sessions like we used to! =)

supplementals said...

So colorful! feel like skinning my car now haha

gOrgeOus gRaCe said...

ha-ha same here...my laptop also served me for 3 years reformatted once because i upgraded my HDD...i also plan to skinny my laptop too just that i have yet to find the one i like....

happy chinese new year to you... =)

Sue Lin said...

Supp i wanted to skin my car too, but it'd cost around RM500 for my little tiny car, so just forget it la

My car is cute as it is. Hahahah

Grace! I always thought of adding in more HDD space but never gotten around to it, seems mafan to back up everything and all. So just stuck to external harddisks, kinda used to it =P I always feel this lappie may leave me anytime so dont wanna spend on it