Friday, February 05, 2010

Sunrise in Sihanoukville

Just a short distance away from Lucky Gusethouse was the beach

Thats our guesthouse.

In Cambodia its one hour behind Malaysia. So if its 8am in KL its only 7 there

I love blue skies.

This little boy was the one who set up the beach chairs and umbrellas, kinda pitiful to have to work at such a young age

We chose this spot by the beach.

Mandatory self portrait

A shot of my bestfriend reading

She read the Lonely Planet while i took tonnes of pictures

She wanted to eat by the beach, but i was doubftul over eating food prepared there... I gave the little boy some of my spare change cuz we sat there but didnt order anything, its something i learnt from my parents

We went back to the strip of shops for breakfast instead, back to this place

In daylight. I dont know why i keep taking shots of Ecstatic Pizza and none of Happy Herb...

Part of out 5 frame timer shot pictures. Yes, we really did a lot of it! =)

Ordering our breakfast on Day 3, my bestfriend practiced her Khmer with the waitress

She had this little "Book of Phrases" where she writes down whatever she learns. I caught a few simple stuff: "Okun shrang" means thank you very much, "kat lui" is calling for the bill. Sook ban means happy. I cant remember what okay is...

=(I cant spell it out right, dont kill me okay, rushing this post, i am supposed to summarise 200 pages of board meeting minutes for work. I painstakingly photocopied all those damn minutes, cost me RM130, had to pay first and will only be reimbursed at the end of February)=

Ah those happy times. Many more to come? I am really dreading working into the night.


Violation of anti food blog rules up ahead:

I ordered Cambodia noodles for breakfast, with pork! Haha, USD3 if i remembered correctly

Us again! I'll be seeing her in late March! =) There will be change in my life soon =)

I'll get to see more blue skies! =)

Hopefully i'll have time to take more photos too

Two of us in Sa's tut-tut, or tuk tuk as spelled in a newspaper article on Cambodia...


Weird Dan said...

LOL I always see u traveling in your blog.

I won't be traveling again until June

AaronWoolala said...

Wooooo you went to Cambodia! =D

dawn said...

:) looks like you've decided on late March? ;) Really happy for you. I hope you see more blue skies too :D

Oh btw, I think it was really nice of you to give your spare change to the boy. So sweet :)

Isya said...

end of march? is that when you're doing what i think you're planning to do??

Sue Lin said...

Dan, really? Hahah, i've been blogging about the same trip for over 2 months now. It was just a 4 days 3 nights trip to Cambodia, planning to drag it into 10 blog posts! Am starting to forget a few things already. Nganai. Now i remember, ngangai means okay in Khmer! =)

I see that u recently went to Indonesia? And June's not too far off =)

Aaron yup i did! =D Loved it =D

Dawn yes i have decided and there is no turning back! Thanks dear =) Looking forward to blue skies, i have my worries though

Its something i learnt from observing my parents when we travel to poorer countries

Isya yes, ur thoughts are in the right path