Sunday, August 17, 2008

For obvious reasons, no pictures!

Haha, the class was GREAT!

As opposed to last Sun where i woke up at 11.20am when the class began at 10, this time around i was so early that the shop wasn't even opened yet! HAHAHAHAH

Everyone was about 30mins late last week and they said i didnt miss much.

Time flew! There were times where we landed far from gracefully, and there were times we made screeching noises! But it was a good workout and so so much fun!

Loved the class, enjoyed myself. Worth every cent of the RM160 for 4 sessions. Shit, just realized thts more expensive than one month at Fitness First weiiiiii (at corporate rate).

My body's aching, dunno if its cuz of the class or cuz i went to the gym this evening


Sue Lin said...

I just realized that that was the first time i went out with my colleagues in an outing not organized by the firm! =)

And they invited me to a birthday today (wednesday =) which i went =)

Sue Lin said...

Love the classes so so so much, if our class falls apart, aka not enough people to continue on, i'll do something about it! I wanna go on, i wont wanna stop, wanna continue till expert? HAHAHAH

Arms, left ribs hurt, right knee bruised.