Tuesday, June 24, 2008

broadcasting and profiling

Spent 4hours at work today 'broadcasting' and 'profiling' for Burberry. Wanna know more, read on, right to the end ; )

My weekend was sweet! Met up with DL for pan mee at Taynton, and a long chit chat session. We are both at a crossroad. Should we go for it? I'd rather regret going for it than regret not going for it...

Romantic 4 course dinner with E at Sheraton Subang that night. Courtesy of his aunt. We spent 2 hours sitting there, enjoying being served our meal while talking =)

Can't believe how many families eat there on a Saturday night, its like, buffets don't cost much?

Sunday, E and i went for a traditional massage. Courtesy of my mom. Damn PAINFUL. In the evening we met up with our Ausmat buddy JW who just got back from the UK!

No British slang but she uses the phrase "...innit?" at the end of sentences a lot, my guess is it replaces "...isnt it?"

So much nostalgia, this 4 year friendship, updating each other on the whereabouts of other fellow Ausmat-ians over Old Town Kopitiam.

As i hugged her goodbye, i felt like... in 5minutes, we'll be hanging out again and i'd be recalling this outing. Thats how fast time flies.

So, the title? Just fancy names we came up for the routine tasks in an auditors life - broadcasting is actually casting, and profiling is filing =P

What is casting? Trust me, u don't wanna know.


Sue Lin said...

Shit man i shouldnt have linked to Burberry... i looked at their items and i love one jacket. 435pounds giler man. JW was telling u could get 2 way UK/Msia flight for 500pounds. Its out of stock anyways. New arrival d out of stock.

Sue Lin said...

Shit. Stop looking!

I miss my jackets in Aust... my bestfriend is using my stuff. She sed it smells like me... Haha

Sue Lin said...

This sucks, i visit my blog was like, ooh 2 comments, click to see and realized its my own comments! HAHAH

So bullshit. I hope i dun go "Oooh, 3 comments" tomorrow! HAHAHAHA

supplementals said...


+ : A d a M : + said...

*smacks head* lolz.

whats casting? i wanna know i wanna know! haha

Sue Lin said...

Hey Sup? *splashes water on ur face* Wake up! hahah

Adam, why why smack head? What did i do? Heheh.

Casting is taking a calculator and summing up the figures on the hardcopy of the statutory accounts/financial statements. Just to double check if the printed figures are correct la.

Now, do u regret knowing wanting to know what is casting or have u forgotten it by now? =P

Joey said...

I do? Oh yeah! I do! Hahaha...didn't really realize I use "innit?" so much.

Finally got through to Isabel. She said she'll make a trip down just for me. Hehe...but it's really hard cos I realized (not including this week, cos it's super full d), I've only 2 weeks left. Gah!

Sue Lin said...

Yup u do Joey! =)

Wow, thats fast, only 2 weeks left!! So so so fast!