Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

With my shirt?

If u don't see anything wrong, thats great! Haha

Last last weekend was great, nice trip to Genting with E. To watch Click 5,

and enjoy the cool weather. Starbucks after the concert was delightful!

Last weekend wasn't too bad either. Watched this really weird show entitled Perfume, Story of a Murderer. Good movie except that the last 20minutes and the ending sucked. Some nudity in it. Not in cinemas, by the way.

I am currently doing some hair treatment. For problems i never knew i had. Which got me wondering... did they manage to sell ice to an Eskimo? Am i that Eskimo or am i really avoiding future problems?

I'll let u know when i turn 30.

Work's alright. Met up with ex-Study Partner. Gonna miss her when she goes off to Singapore, that girl has "success" written all over her! She quit my co even before i went for my interview, got a slightly higher paying job shortly after, in a company with a stringent selection process, and oops she did it again. Quit and soon she'll be off to become an air-stewardess.

Okay, that might not be a success story but certainly something to envy =P

Thankfully, things fell through for me again =) Nothing fascinating but one step closer.


supplementals said...

Nothings wrong with ur shir... COOL TATOO!!! rock* to the MAX! :D

Sue Lin said...

Can really see meh? When i look again i realize the photograph was nothing compared to what i saw in the mirror at client's place toilet!

supplementals said...

omg, din know u catered to 'those' kinda clients. *ahem*

Valdez Lisa said...

ooo..i can see a new tatoo there too..nice one!

Sue Lin said...

Woiiiiii! Crap la u Supplementals! hahha

V Lisa, hahah, thanks. Cannot wear that shirt without jacket d. No wonder Elwyn never buys white

Jazzy*Pam said...

Click5!!! I wanted to catch that concert but tak jadi. :(

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

"I am currently doing some hair treatment. For problems i never knew i had."

That's a standard hair salon pitch!