Saturday, June 07, 2008

First Taste of Office Politics

Damn its unbloggable. So many things are not blog material. Ends there, don't ask.

Mood swings 360degrees these days. Friday evening i am somehow all happy again =)

KL can be so pretty. Know where that is?

Met senior for the next job. She's great! I've been blessed with countless nice seniors. No wait, i can count them, i can remember each and everyone of them!

Its along Jln Ampang. Camwhorin at the traffic lights

Would you sacrifice work-life balance for the prospects of a high paying job in the future? I think i've made my choice. Will i regret it?

I know i will, naturally. So i am gonna start to stop regretting stuff.

My workplace for last week.

Also, i wanna lose 5kg by the end of the year. To be 51kg and maintain that weight for the rest of my freaking life. Maintaining is easier than losing or gaining.

Won't eat a gram less, but will workout more.

Speaking of working out. I forgot to bring a fresh pair of underwear to the gym the other day. So after shower, its like SHITTTTTTTTT, to wear the sweaty pair or to not wear any at all?

What would u do? Hahahaha, u don't have to answer
I just HAD to ask.

Have a great weekend! I know i will =)


Janette Tang said...

Hi Hi!!

You can never stay at 51kg for the rest of your life unless you plan not to be pregnant!! Hahahahahhh..
Anyway, when shall we do some catching up?? Its been so long since we start planning.
Macam mana Cik SUe Lin???

Sue Lin said...

Hey Janette! Oh yeah hor... but temporarily gain for the baby then lose back lor! Hahah

We should meet up but i'm tied up for upcoming weekend and i dun feel like planning too far ahead, its stresses me out!

Hey u are going to Mount KK soon right? Have fun there! I'm envious!

She's Jess said...

So did you wear it or not? :D

FF does sell disposable undies.. less than RM 10 i think?

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHAHAAH, serious Jess?! They do? Didnt know!

teapenguin said...

Hey Chick, okay, check done.. phew still on your page!! ehehee... i need to rmbr how to add ppl to my page.. i replied ur comment.. yes prolly no more value by now.. always like la me.. hehe... updated myself on ur past blogs.. am so amazed and proud of you! u seem to be pulling thru hell hole well and i shall take that as an inspiration!! :) miss u... lets catch up soon.. july isnt too far away :( hugs..

Sue Lin said...

Hahahaha, yeah, u will always be girl! But eh, i once heard that ur new job won't even allow u to own a blog. Better get tht checked even if u havent been updating in AGES.

I've been lucky most of the time except for two weeks of true hell. But thats over and luck is on my side again. I'll sms u about meeting up!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Hey you! :) Hope the office politics don't get to you too much.

And haha, I want to lose weight too!!!

Sue Lin said...

It was just that week Pam, alright now! Hope it doesnt resurface =P

But u already lost so much weight girl! U sure thats wise???