Monday, November 12, 2007

Summer Vacation Day 3

Had a very simple weekend. Chill out at home, did laundry. Walked to the beach twice. Shared an ice cream sundae with E on the soft warm sand shortly before sunset =) And then for a swim yesterday evening, again with E =)

Then we played online poker on Facebook, he allowed me to lose 4000 of his points, which thankfully, i did not lose =P I lost the points in my OWN account... grr!

Received the letter for graduation today... and went to see international student support. OMG, there's gonna be info on becoming Monash alumni! Alumni? ME? oH my gawddd, way to go to make me feel like i'm 50!

Hit the gym, started packing for the trip to Rye, wherever that is. Withdrew more cash than i normally do, hoping that there is surf facilities and lessons where we're headed!

Gonna call mom soon. After i cook and eat dinner while watching Californication Episode 7! I watched the entire season but missed out that one! HAHAHA, how is that possible? Its ME, anything is possible with me, including raring chickens in my backyard, according to AN!!


Joey said... you get to bum around and just enjoy life. I want the sun (not too much), the sea and the ice creams, too!!

Sue Lin said...

Joey, u are absolutely RIGHT! U'll have ur beaches and ice creams too... i think... are there no beaches there in Europe?

This won't last, i gotta make the VERY best of it!