Saturday, November 03, 2007

3 Mins or All night long

Just realized the box of where that mysterious thing of the previous post came from says

HAHAHAH. 3mins or overnight? All night long would've been a catchier phrase =P

But who cares, out of the box of 30,

i've only used ONE so far.

Usually never bother with it...

Anyways, it is called

Read the box for yourself =)

9 people got it right. Bestfriend recommended it to me, to clean retainers, the stuff people wear in their mouth after removing their braces. To retain a nice set of teeth = D

While 4 of u who read my blog are perverts! voting for extra small size condoms! HAHAHA, I must beware of u stalkers out there.

Kidding =)


+ : A d a M : + said...

cheh thats so boring. next time dont put the real answer in the poll la..let ppl pick all sorts of answers..then at the end shock them with the real one..haha

Sue Lin said...

Haihhh, why didnt i expect that from YOU!? U so smart, u BLOG more la!

But actually... u are right... ahahah...

Too late too late