Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Now i shall promote milk

Had a post with the exact same title sometime last year during exam period. I seriously DO drink DAMN a lot of milk during exam periods...

Hungry. drink milk. Hungry? Make teh panas with lotsa milk. As opposed to last year. No need milk to make coffee d. Regularly use the 3 in one packets =)

I wipe out the 2litres carton before the expiry date. Normally... i always have to throw away a few glasses of the stuff.

Anyways... just feel like blogging about my exam time management. I am so happy i managed to totally eliminate the "not enough time" in exams problem.

The two papers i sat for this sem, i finished with about a minute to spare. Pretty good since u can't exactly 'check' essay questions the way u check maths questions. Using maximum time means i spent most of my time writing and not thinking... My opinion entirely and Disclaimer: that don't mean i am gonna do well

And lets hope by saying all this i don't jinx the final paper of my degree this Friday!


Joey said...

All the best!

supplementals said...

Milk is good. Confidence, even better!

Sue Lin said...

Hey Joey, thanks! =)

Supplementals u remind me of the good better game... its a damn irritating game. Confidence? What does tht have got to do with me? I lack tht =|