Monday, September 17, 2007

where Bananas grow

I dun like the fact that i look sooo Chinese. I dont like it when people ask me if i'm from China. I don't like it when people speak to me in Chinese, assuming i'm Chinese as in Chinese from China, cuz i AM Chinese but not China-Chinese, i'm Malaysian Chinese.

Malaysia, where Bananas grow if ya know what i mean.
Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Get it?

I know the Chinese lady was trying to be nice to me when she asked me if i could speak Mandarine. But honestly la, i felt insulted wei. My England so bad ar?

And i love it when people think i've been here for a long time

Eg. 1 Land lord initially thought i've been here for some time. He thought i wanted him to help us transport large items like a couch to this house!! =)

Eg. 2 A PR i spoke to asked me if i was a PR too. Happy happy

Eg. 3 A couple of ppl in poker asked "Are you local?". But i guess thats cuz only da locals go for poker here in Frankston. The guy who runs the poker wants to promote poker to Asians... wud open a whole table for us if we can bring 8 people... u interested?

My ten mins are up. By the way this is a 10minute ramble.


sue lin said...

Oh man... i think i hear birds chirping! Shit.

typlotion said...

Your ten minute shits only takes me 10 second to finish.

sue lin said...

Hahaha, then u want me to write ten hours for u to read ten minutes meh?


supplementals said...

lol, maybe the chinese lady english is the one thats bad?

sue lin said...

Hhaha, dun la. I think she's trying to be nice. Man, how that backfired