Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gwen Stefani in Melbourne!

Yeah, i know, this is almost 2 months outdated. Nevertheless...

Smiles and tickets at Rod Laver Arena!

Whatcweeee waited for!

Love the background!

Can u spot her in the next pic????

She actually came into the crowd!
She can never do that in Malaysia! Or did she? Let me know.
Don't think so though...

The crowd would have just swarmed her in Malaysia. Look at the next pic...

The guy wanted to go closer to where she's at. The official, in the yellow shirt stopped him. They argued for a while, judging by their motions. The official shakes his head and makes a stern "No" action. The guy actually turned around to go back to his seat!

If this was Malaysia, in my opinion, 1. There wouldn't just be ONE fella trying to go closer. 2. ONE security guard wouldn't BE enough... cuz MANY people would rush over. Possible stampede? That's why i don't think she could go into the crowd like that in Malaysia.

When she came closer to our side!

Close up pix of Gwen!

She sang almost all the songs in both her albums. =) And she changed costumes quite often! She even introduced her back-up dancers.

But soon it was all over...

The three of us camwhored as the crowd thinned down... One last pic of the star!

Gwen Stefani in Melbourne, 2 August 2007, The Sweet Escape Tour


She's Jess said...

Oh damn, I miss her concert so badly.

She did mixed ard with the crowds, but just walking through the walkways. SO does that count?

sue lin said...

I don't know, how was the security/fencing like in Msia???

In Melb, she ran into the crowd, through the mosh pit and to the first area, where she sang about half a song. Then the lights turned off so we can't see where she's going, and then she was at the second spot where i managed to take close up pix. She sang the rest of the song there. And then the lights turn off again as she made her way back onto the stage.

I wanna know how diff/same it is back in Msia!! =)

She's Jess said...

Oh ya, lights were off when she made her way back to the crowd while she was singing...

sue lin said...

Oh, wow, then thats great, she actually managed to do tht in Msia!

I can remove part of my post now... but i'm too lazy! Hhaha

Joey said...

Gwen Stefaniiiiii...Woohoo!!

You look like you are very close to the stage. Or was it ur good cam? :)

sue lin said...

Hahah, errr... i'd say its the camera! Cuz we were on the second tier. quite high up, quite far back, slightly towards the side

Anonymous said...

what camera/mode did u use to take those pictures?
the quality is not bad since u said u sat far away from the stage.

sue lin said...

Heyyy Anonymous,
My camera is Canon Ixus 800 IS.
I'm not sure what mode i used, it was two months ago.
I think i used either Kids and Pets (which is the mode for fast moving objects like kids and pets),
or Auto,
or Indoor.
Whichever i used, i turned off the flash and set it to a high resolution. Cropped the photo on my laptop to get what you see on this blog.
Thanks for the interest and thanks for leaving a comment, hope this reply helps! =)