Saturday, September 08, 2007

10 minute ramble

How it works: Just ramble and pour your heart out for ten minutes and then click on "publish post"

It was hard admitting that i am a neat freak. All my life i always thought of myself as a messy person. Mainly because of the state my room back in Malaysia. The amount of dust i collected in one room alone can defeat some abandoned mansions...

But then again, my notes for school work has always been leaning towards neat. And throughout the three years we had lockers in school, mine was one of the neatest. Somehow i deluded myself into honestly believing that i was a messy person. I was even proud of being one.

Lately i realized... i'm... not. I realized "Sue Lin is a neat freak". Admitting that made me literally shiver. My heart was beating abnormally fast.

Bestfriend helped me throughout this transition. She asked "What the fuck is wrong with that?". I love her so much (in a sisterly way)!


supplementals said...

haha, u should do this more often :p

sue lin said...

Its not fun, man, i tell u! Its the kinda situation where i could go on and on rambling for hours... but i limit myself to merely ten minutes of rambling in fear of wasting precious assignment time. =P

Plus "its not easy admitting a part of yourself that u don't like" - bestfriend's wise words! HAHA