Monday, June 04, 2007

Housemate's 20th Birthday

CT hates her birthday cuz it's near the exam period. She seemed to be a little upset, so we tried our best. Got her presents she loved, a card she read over and over again and prepared for the simple gathering she wanted in our house.

I was pretty stressed out getting the cake. It ain't as easy as Malaysia with their early closing times and the fact that they are not kiasu for business makes it harder for us to get a cake at the last minute

Turned out well. All the people she invited that stays nearby came. Malaysians and Singaporeans in Monash Peninsula. Omg, thats a lot of us! Hahahaha. Oh, there's one Korean and a VU student.

Bday Girl started a food fight with HS and then they weren't satisfied that i had no cake on me, so they tricked me into the mess. Hunted them down and really got the Bday Girl good.

Wanted to take a picture of the mess but HS already washed off the cake from her face, so when she was posing with the cake near her mouth, i smashed it into her face. Hehe

She stoned there for a moment as E snapped the picture. I laughed like mad! As you can see.

Poor poor thing! Haha! They now know to never mess with me.

Don't i look cute with horns and a tail? =) HAHAHAHA

Then we played a drinking game, no pictures there, all videos. And when one person had to go, everyone decided it was time to leave too. Party ended at about midnight: exams exams!

For the three of us its a camwhore session next:-

Donned our matching winter jackets and played sparklers outside. This is supposed 2 be our hip hop pic. HS said i looked like some creature... and then she laughed sooo much, i think she got her vengeance for the whole cake fight.

Posing with the bell that everyone just loves to ring when they get to our doorstep:-

Come into our little house...

if u dare...

we aren't always so sweet...

Evil witches. Make that hot witches... like Charmed. I miss that show.

Camwhore session all thanks to Mr Mysterious Photographer...

No prizes for guessing who he is.

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