Saturday, June 09, 2007

Does This Make Sense?

Those who do well in studies are those who manage to force themselves into doing something they dislike- studying.

And frankly, that is a success factor in the working life- being able to excel in something you despise.

Showing your future employer you did well in your studies shows how much effort u are able to put into something you don't enjoy. They're not stupid, they know you aren't that enthusiastic about the job u are applying for, contrary to what your resume says.

But if you managed to make it through 3 years of university with flying colours, it says a lot about your potential to dedicate 30 years to the company.

For those who actually like studying... please sell me some of your magic potion


Zhen said...

Heh, I guess it's a bit too late for checking out the past year papers now, right?

But if you're free, then send 'em over to my email. I'll go check them out and see if they're useful...

In any case, thanks! And good luck!

She's Jess said...

I don't like studying... esp what I did for the past 3+ yrs..

No wonder I ended up lost now..

supplementals said...
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supplementals said...

makes perfect sense. Its always nicer/better/cun-er to be doing what u like tho. Life is about balance man, among other things la haha :p Guess u gotta compromise sometimes eh, cant always get what u want and all that jazz. So, how much are u willing to compromise?

meL.a.Nie said...

oh how i LUV LUV studying!!!

ok,dat's lame.

btw,i've changed my blog add back to d same old i used b4 cuz i'm not gonna change it again for d sake of avoiding those stupidors who came 2 give "constructive comments".

anyway,all d best for finals & it'll b over soon.then,u can enjoy a long hols.

~Charlotte~ said...

haha i dun think ne1 enjoys studying.. i enjoy learning my law subjects n hearing the cases n stuff.. but i HATE studying it.. i guess thats wat makes it better.. enjoying wat ur learning.. but i dun do well.. so either way it doesn't work 4 me.. lolz

sue lin said...

Zhen U never had the exam papers? Sending them now as i reply ur comment. Thanks 4 wishing me luck. All d best 2 u too

Jess awww... u'll find your way =)

Supplementals, yeah man... but even if u are doing a degree u like or a major u like, there would surely be a subject or two or three that u hate. I compromise quite a lot... but not as much as i want to. And i never fail to grumble while i'm at it!

Ps. u da one who deleted comment? =P

Melanie okieeee. Will update d links after exams... Thanks 4 wishing me luck!

Charlotte, thats the thing about law! I love it too but i can never score! Kinda regret not taking up a biz law major...

+ : A d a M : + said...

u see...this is why i didnt do accounting. A life-long relationship with ledgers and balance sheets? omg kill me now. lolzz

btw...i really am interested in that little house next door okay..haha

typlotion said...

Do well in sleeping

Marcus said...

Definition of exams. You study for a few months or less than a year and than you spit it all out in a couple of hours. Can't get a better definition for it.

sue lin said...

Adam dun have to work 4 accounting firm with an acct major. Our degree is quite general thanks to those compulsory 1st year subjects. And also easier 2 get PR =P

About the flat (as landlords call it), Carolyn earlier said that she has some friends who are interested in it before u, so wait n see la, we'll keep u updated.

Ty i definitely can graduate with 1st class honours if sleeping is my major.

Marcus u 4got one part, the most important part: forget everything after exiting the exam hall