Friday, June 22, 2007

Three Months Ago

I sat in the computer lab and read the blogs of March babies. Decided i'm sick of waiting for surprises. Funny how disappointed i was last year and housemates seem to have totally no idea it was my birthday this year.

I figured- i'm gonna be 21! Have got to be independent! Wore sunblock, headed out to town. Found what i was searching for:

Must have been fated. I saw a guy getting into a car. I ran! He wound down the window and i spoke to him about renting a boat.

On the eve of my birthday, i accepted M's offer to go clubbing with her and her Deakin University friends:

Lavish. In Docklands. Hell why not.

Went back to Frankston the next day

Turns out that my housemates didn't forget my birthday. They were planning a surprise dinner that i totally ruined!

Dinner at Sophia's. It was windy and soooo cold sitting outdoor!

Funny how the weather totally changes the next morning:

Sunny. Calm waters. Perfect day for boating just as foretasted! =D So touristy!

Not only did we make the guys - E and T drive the boat, we made them take photos for us. Hehehe:

Before Ms KM started to feel seasick. Then we dropped her back on shore

All we did was eat, chat and take loads of pictures.

Oh and we took turns to sit on the top of the boat. Its fun but REALLY windy and cold!

Lots of fingers in this pic... =P And my curls look nice wind-blown. Haha

Don't know why but it feels great to just lie on the sand under the sun. It doesn't feel the same in Malaysia.

The background looks like a cardboard cut-out...

Let me add to the backdrop:

Some birds in the sky and some hearts around me and my baby =)


typlotion said...

out of so many picture, why do u wanna put that -_-"

sue lin said...

HAHAHAHA, cuz i like it

l0v3Angel said...

wah!! so many cool pictures! me damn jealous already.. :(

sue lin said...

Hey Dee, when u all come in Dec its summer again, we can always hire a boat and go out to sea again!! =)

She's Jess said...

hey... happy belated b'day!

gd that you had a blast :)

SaSsy GurL said...

OHHH! I Lurve the pics!!! haha!! so cool the way u did it. that reminds me, i forgot about my b'day post! kekeke...Happy Holidayz!!

meL.a.Nie said...

no 1 will ever 4get ur burfday my dear least our 21st burfdays turned out 2 be a blast after all..wheee...

sue lin said...

Jess, I think u've already wished me. Nevermind, thanks again! =)

Sassy Gurl, i love the pix too! Haha. Took hours! Go post up ur bday post, its never 2 late! Hehe. Happy holidays to u too!

Hey, Melanie yup! 21sts are special

tze said...

happy belated birthday :)

BabY KaT said...

awww.. found ur blog :) my future hang outkaki in aussie.. happy belated bday! :)

sue lin said...

Tze, heyy, thanks! =)

Heyy, Kat, thanks! Give me a call or message when u get ur Aussie line k? =)

She's Jess said...

by d way sue... you were thin.

And now you are getting thinner and thinner.

so envious looking at yr pics

sue lin said...

Jess arrrr... these pix were taken 3 months ago la dear. That was shortly after the food poisoning. Plus, at that time i was still adjusting to life in Aust and was still learning to cook.

Now adjusted to life here d. Can cook quite ok d. And its winter- super cold, always hungry. Gained 3.6kg. Got a lot of winter fats. Nothing to envy anymore la

Marcus said...


sue lin said...


Patchay said...

I can see lotsa hot chicks hahaha. You having lotsa fun mann, unlike Me staying at home facing boredom everyday.

Sue Lin said...

Hey Patchay, i didnt realize u left me a comment!

Its 2012 now, its been 5 years oh my god!