Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Just hit me that i'm flying off to Austrealia TOMORROW. Tomorrow!

Shit. Not that i'm not excited. Not that one year is long. But... i haven't... finished packing!

Thank goodness i spent 2 months doing an internship... otherwise i would have had a lot of time 2 shop and i would have bought too much stuff!

As it is, i plan to bring 5 handbags, 3 bookbags and one bag pack. Shit.

Don't ask me how many items of footwear am i bringing! Don't ask me how many jackets! I haven't counted.


typlotion said...

WTF 5 handbags.....i bring 20 pieces of underwear summore

supplementals said...

so many bags haha, good idea. can store stuff and use as well ;) happy valentines day dudette! rock*

chriskalani said...

I want to go to Australia! Where are you going specifically?

Jocelyn said...

9 bags in total??? Whoa...hahaha

Anywayz, have a safe flight. Bon voyage!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Have a safe journey, gurlie! ;)y

Zhen said...

Knock 'em Australians dead!

sue lin said...

Tylpotion, in the end cannot even put in

Supplementals, i threw out two of the smaller ones, carried one, bring one and one tiny one is just in case of formaql events.

Chriskalani, I'm in Melbourne as i type this comment, i'll be here for about a year =)

Jocelyn, Regret throwing out two of the bookbags they would have came in handy today... Threw out the backpack as well its kinda small, the elle one i used in Ausmat year.

Thanks Jocelyn and Pam, flight was safe!

I'm barely keeping alive Zhen! =P

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue Lin! Glad you've arrived safely. How are things down under? Hope you're doing fine there. Do keep us updated with your life yeah? Looking forward to reading your first post in Australia. *winkz*


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! Sorry I couldn't send you off yesterday..Had work! Hope you 're having loads of fun! Looking forward to seeing how you're doing there! Muaks!!!Missing you like loads!!See you in 4 months!!! =)


sue lin said...

Liwei, hey girl! Things are.... there are ups and downs la. Right now quite happy =)

Really wanna blog but no connection in my house! Might be moving house... not sure, taking a look at the place later 2day. Maybe i'll blog in the computer lab. Thanks for commenting girl!! =)

Hey, Debs! No problem la! Dun need the tears =P Dun wanna cry. Miss u too!!! U come earlier arrrrr in June, we go skiing