Monday, February 12, 2007

Its Like Doing an Assignment!

Packing sucks. Its stressful. And like assignments there is a dead line.

The kg limit is annoying just as word limit is. You have to maximise the 30kg, make none of it is wasted. Just like how you have to reach the word limit. Rushing for time.

And Australia has so many regulations, u can't bring this, you can't that. Plus i'll have to pack the hair oil well so that it doesnt spill. Reminds me of how strict Monash is with referencing...

Gives me a headache. How did u guys manage?


Jocelyn said...

Worry not. U still have time :)

Btw, make sure u r able to lift ur luggage. It might take a while from the airport to ur accomodation. And there may be stairs and stuff on the way. U may have frens to help out, but they may have their own luggage to deal with as well. So practice walking for a good distance with the luggage bag (tat's a tip I got fr the Welcome pack) haha

sakurablossom said...

Lol... I have been moving like crazy almost quater of my life. You will get used to it.

typlotion said...

remember to reserve a place for your one carton of cigs!

typlotion said...

or if u dun mind ,pack alot of raw meat in your luggage, i bet you'll have a great time in the custom quarantine office. :)

sue lin said...

Joey, no time! It just hit me that i'm flying TOMORROW! Tomorrow! What the! I haven't even put ONE top into my luggAge!

Thanks 4 d tips! =)

Sakurablossom, this is my FIRST time moving to a diff country and i dunno why my parents want me 2 move house as well! Can't manage to do the move house part

Typlotion, haha! Yup! But it ain't that big is it? Never bought b4... its okie, i'll be flying with 2 smokers, will ask them bring me 2 buy in the duty free place.

And i not enough place to bring all my stuff mana mau bring meat ar?