Sunday, October 02, 2011

Grand Finals

Colleagues, both men and women Aussies, were talking about it at 4.35pm Friday. Thai colleague n i were just listening

I figured out which footy team my boss was supporting and i figured out that bbq goes hand in hand for the weekend

Didnt wanna be left out, feels like a big thing so i kinda invited myself to a couple of friends' place for the afternoon to watch the game on tv! Hahahah, was good cuz i get some explanation on the rules n stuff.

Watched the first two rounds, 20 minutes each and was falling asleep towards the end! Hahahha, by the third they changed the channel and were watching Community! The girls, one guy and i started playing Monopoly deal and the rest switched back to the final round.

Before i knew it, Geelong Cats were hugging each other n i asked, is it over? My boss will be happy on Monday because Collingwood Magpies lost.

Woke up today at 1.30pm, with a sore throat and cough from all that bbq! Thats my first Grand Final weekend in Australia =) Daylight savings is here!


Isya said...

despite being in australia for 2 years, i still never got footy!

Sue Lin said...

I still dont get it! Hhahaha. The people i watched with were not really fans either. But because they work here, they too make an effort to watch it n have bbq on the grand final day =)

dropsofcontentment said...

Aiyo the pies lost?? We went to watch them once back in

Sue Lin said...

Oh! Haha, who were they up against when u watched??? How come ur using ur joint account to comment and not ur personal one anymore??