Tuesday, September 06, 2011


300 days in Melbourne and i've bought 4 pairs of boots, 4 pairs of heels and 4 pair of shoes. Lets not count how many pairs of flip flops i bought! =P

Wish i had time to do extensive shoe photography and blogging like i used to (Click here and here)

5 inch heelss!!! =) =) My latest. Never used to like the plastic bit but tried them on because they were discounted! Fell in love. It looks like u arent wearing any shoes from the front, gives the illusion that u are all dainty and on tip toes

Surprisingly comfortable! Wore them for my second class of Level 2 course. The first class was so hard! The other girls were soooo good, 6 out of 8 girls are repeating Level 2! I haven't been practicing for two and a half years and felt so insecure!

I told myself i can do this and just gave it a shot. And failed! I couldnt do anything taught in the first class =(
Doesnt stop me from loving the course! Today the instructor taught us a new trick and i watched as one of the other girls did it successfully, i didnt think i could do it, but tried anyway. Teacher came around to me and corrected my hand and then, guess what?
I did this!!!

Not as elegant as her. Still, cant believe it, omg!! =)


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eSha! Hehe! I did it during class and there was another class right after my class so no chance to camwhore =( I was looking at the mirror a lot! =) Damn susah betul, arms aching from Tues till Sat !