Friday, September 02, 2011

Does my head look big in this?

My 11 yr old cousin borrowed a book from her school library. I picked it up and couldnt stop reading! Normal teenage stuff about boys, being self conscious, dealing with mean popular girls

Whats i love about this book is, its not American. Its really different reading something Aussie, set in Melbourne, places and roads i actually know and been to, slang words used here like wog, daggy and some others that i've noted. Its like experiencing the childhood i never had in Melbourne

Its intriguing because it highlights Melbourne's diverse cultural issues. In this book, a 16 year old Australian born Palestianian girl decides to wear the hijab... which is what Malaysians call the tudung or selendang.

I grew up in a Muslim country with many of my classmates and teachers wearing it so its not a new sight to me, yet the author describes her situation in such a way that i feel like u are in her shoes and how different it is in Melbourne.

I thought i knew alot about the religion but there is plenty i dont know. Its captivating. I love the way Aussies produce their own literature and tv shows! Good job Melbourne, overall i love that u are my new home


umair said...

very interesting articles will be back...

Sue Lin said...

Thanks umair =) Hope to see u back