Thursday, July 07, 2011

I think i have a problem

I am a workaholic. For a second i was glad they cut down my shifts at the restaurant that i have been working in for over 6months now (i also have a full time office job), it means more time to socialise!

Then it hit me, the pay cut that results is gonna sting!

Watched tv on Monday and Tuesday evening. Tonight i read a book called The Kiasu Traveller from cover to cover in one sitting. Some of the things they do are horrible, like keeping antic telephones from hotel rooms as a souvenir!

The book reminded me of how i took wayyy too many samples of Hazelin face wash in school when i was 14. It was raining and i was the only one who dared help myself to the box of samples. Hahah, the amount i took was enough to fill up a bottle at home. For about ten years after that i was a loyal customer to the brand, always buying their cleanser =)

Pictures taken on my first day on Koh Tao, Thailand. Love how my pictures depict fun loving, natural and carefree. So distant in my memory, puts a smile on my face, but it does not make me long for a vacation, i do not feel chained to the desk

Its a freezing winter in Melbourne but i do not yearn for the sun and warmth. Bare trees can look so pretty. At the moment i am thankful to be one of the 10% of people who love their job =) Hope things dont change later!


supplementals said...

Happy for you and extremely envioiussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Sue Lin said...

Thanks man u rock* =)