Friday, July 01, 2011

Deeply Shallow

Reading through old sms messages reminded me of the tortured soul i once was. I took a huge risk and left. Took me 6 months to get back on my feet in a totally different environment

What i always told myself is true. It is all worth it. The depression i went through looking for work in Melbourne, the multiple rejections, demotivation, going to the gym where the sight of Asian women in office clothing almost brought me to tears, how i longed to be one of them. Six months felt like an eternity

Those who grew up here dont always appreciate it. It's their right. There are countries in the world where humans have no rights. Over here cows have rights. Its amazing how much people care. At the Neighbourhood Centre where i take Spanish classes, there was a petition on the table for anyone to sign to completely ban cattle export to Indonesia.

In Malaysia something can outrage the public, but it'll be forgotten in a few days. Its been a month since the issue came up here and people actually follow it through!

Anyway, Term 2 of Spanish classes have ended! We did the same listening activity we did at the end of Term 1. Listen to a radio conversation of a family ordering food and u need to write down who orders what. Last term i was sooo lost and confused, tonight i understood the conversation perfectly well! =)

I should be learning Mandarin because of my skin colour... i absolutely HATE it when people speak to me in Chinese or ask me to justify why i cant speak Chinese, it is exhausting. Why MUST i be able to speak Chinese? So what if my roots are yellow, cant i have white flowers?

I dont want to be angry, i'll tell u about my end of financial year shopping on Sunday!!! =)

My purchases! =) =) Love!

Forever New dresses $20 each. Novo shoes $20 each. Accessories 3 for $10 (which is the same price as buying them from Thailand!) so i bought 6.

Undies (Aussie way of saying underwear) 5 for $10, i went MAD and searched for anything in my size. Only had time to buy 10 pairs before the shop closed at 6pm =(


+ : A d a M : + said...

i still respect u for chasing your dreams. Still miss u back home here..but i know youre happier there and made the right decision to go.. =)

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy Adam how've u been?? Our catch up session with HS was almost a year ago already! Miss u guys too! Thanks for leaving a comment, glad to hear from u =) Will send u random smses like i used to once in a while =)

Inspector Clouseau said...

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