Sunday, March 27, 2011

Devonshire Tea

First time i heard of it was when C wanted to rent a car to dead to Dandenong Ranges for it. Back then i was busy and couldnt go

T who attended my 7year old birthday party was visiting Melbourne and mentioned she wanted to go to Dandenong Ranges

Sassafras town. We planned a spontaneous trip! Haha! I Facebooked R one day before and the night before the trip she decided to join us!

Mrs Marples is the place to go for Devonshire Tea in Sassafras.
The restaurant was full at noon

Every seat was taken except for the waiting area

They took down our names and told us to come back at 1pm sharp. So we went somewhere else for pies first. We got back to Mrs Marples right on time =)

We were given a cute cosy little table at a corner by an un-lit fireplace. Took pictures.

The lady at the table next to us plays the part so well in my next picture

Love her expression... looking out the window, relaxed, while her partner went to the toilet. Will i be like her at her age, spending a simple Sunday afternoon with the one i love in a nice little cafe like this?

T and I. Thanks to an old school photo uploaded, she and S planned a primary school reunion. Since then the two of us have been in touch and closer over Facebook. We are both avid travellers =)

R and I. Not in touch for years until another friend told me over Facebook that she'll be in Melb, so i met said friend and the friend told me R is here and through Facebook we discovered we are living near each other!

Small world that R and T used to take the same transport to school a long time ago! That makes three of us for that day =)

No idea why scones in Mrs Marples are more like cakes. We took original and fruit. OMG i love the jam and the whipped butter. Heaven! =)

I'm waiting for more girl friends to come visit Melbourne, would love to have a Sex And The City moment with girls in Mrs Marples again =P

The whole place is decorated with teapots! Reminded me of Duck Inn in Mt Buller where it was all decorated with ducks!
A backward glance and a snapshot of our cosy seat as we left Mrs Marples

Blue skies, it was such a lovely splendid day


supplementals said...

ur hair damn short la...

Sue Lin said...

These are older pix la dude

supplementals said...

then y so short la..

Sue Lin said...


Sue Lin said...

From Facebook

Grace T
Read your blog! I been to Mrs Maples before! Keep wanting to tell Jayson about it but I couldn't remember the name! ha-ha! It's a very nice cozy place and the cakes was good! I also visited some few shops there and I can't remember the name either! XD

dawn said...

So nice!

The place is like a movie! :) I like.

And your top! So nice too! :)

Sue Lin said...

I know!! I love the place so much! Come visit i'll take u =) =)

And thanks, its a summer dress, in coming posts u'll see =)