Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Upon hearing the news, i searched Facebook for AK, the Japanese girl i went mountain biking with

Relieved when i read what another one of her traveller friends wrote on her wall: "So glad to hear you're OK..."

"Thanks Sue!!! At first I felt I had a bloodless, for instantly I realized it was swinging. It was quite long term to shake, so scary :( "

She lives in Aichi, Nagoya. I checked her Facebook from time to time over the past few days

"... I still can't get touch with my friends who live near the hit point :( "
Friday at 8:41pm

Sue Lin: "Have u heard from your friends in the area???" Yesterday at 7:38pm
"yeh, luckily i could. nobady got hurt!!! thanks God and Sue :)"
Yesterday at 8:00pm
"today is the worst since japan has been began... i can't stop crying..still don't want to accept this disaster :(((
Yesterday at 1:01am
"What the hell... the sun rose again, we can see all over the stricken area. which is sea or land side? It made rubble of everywhere... where is my loved Japan..."
Saturday at 11:56am

This reminds me about the time i was worried about a friend who was in Cambodia during the stampede... After travelling, world news affects me in a more personal way

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Sue Lin said...

I read your blog, I haven't noticed you wrote the earthquake things. I'm really happy to read that you were thinking of me. Love xx