Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hablo español en poco

Love love love learning Spanish. Second class is tough but its still fun!

Last week in our first class, the teacher asked us to introduce ourselves and briefly share why we are learning the language

I said "I've finally done with all my accounting degree and graduate diploma, so i'm here!". The class laughed!

At the end of the class, one of the other students said to me "You must be enjoying the class, u were smiling the whole time"

First time learning a language i am not forced to learn =)


Sue Lin said...

An ex-batchmate, EK recently told me she started on her MBA after completing ACCA... a fellow blogger DL told me he's started on CFA after completing ICAA

I told EK i am learning Spanish! Hahaha and she asked me if its going to help me in my path. I said it'll help in travelling

Sue Lin said...

Felt so happy as i walked to my car before my third class yesterday!

Class is getting harder though. Read out the alphabet in Spanish! Hahah... something so kindergarten is considered tough =P