Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Chinese New Year in Melbourne

Last night i had to Google it to get the date right. Got up today, went out, came back and told cousin ET that its CNY eve and she was like "Really?"

Hahahah, almost forgotten. Two of my cousins started school today. Totally not feeling the season at all

We went for Chinese buffet for dinner. The restaurant was full with the ever growing Chinese population in Melbourne. Just as the restaurant staff replenished the plate of pink salmon, a queue of about 5 people formed, i followed suit, last in line

I watched as they pile on their plates with salmon. There were only 3 more pieces left for the lady in front of me. She knew i was waiting behind her from the beginning, i'm not invisible, but she did not even leave one piece for me!

Chinese people suck! Hahaha =P

Happy Chinese New Year!

May happiness, wealth and health hop onto your lap in The Year of the Rabbit


Isya said...

urgh, i dont get people like that too!!!! they see you behind them but they'll take every single last piece :(

BTW, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! have an awesome one all the way in melbourne! *hugs*

MK Loo said...

the chinese new year cards are cute though!

Joey said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Sue Lin!!

Lucille29 said...

nice it is so cute..
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Sue Lin said...

5mins before going for the reunion dinner only i realise, hey i didnt shop for CNY this year! Nothing new to wear! Hahahah. And my new year's day i went to the gym, the Balance instructor is one of those people who knows the full moons etc and asked everyone whats their zodiac, interesting hearing so many white people know their zodiac

Isya yeah man! Oh well, just laugh it off. Happy CNY to u too dear!!! =) Hugs back!! I am so glad to be called for the second interview on the first day of CNY! =) =) =)

MK Loo those are ang paus, not cards. From Uncle D, his sisters and his mom.

Joey thanks! Happy CNY to u too! Tell me how u celebrate over there in the UK

Lucille thanks

Valdez Lisa said...

Happy chinese new year to you. Hope you enjoy the season.

Sue Lin said...

Thanks dear =) Hope u had a great CNY!