Saturday, April 04, 2009

aeTeeByaB si niL euS

Sometimes Mozilla Firefox goes mad and everything i type comes out backwards =P

Updated 11.55pm, Saturday Met up with my ex-Study Partner! She keeps reminding me of the nickname i gave her. But today she wanted to change it to SF- Soup Failure cuz we both burnt soup before! HAHAAH.

Location: Decanter, Bukit Hartamas. Cosy environment, love the ambiance. Food's alright

We chatted from about 7pm till the waiter told us they were closing!! If u are reading it, my SF, love ya, i do mean it when i said i'd try to do this more often =)


Isya said...

heyyy!!! my mozilla does that too!!! it used to creep me out. some exorcist related thing. but its some mozilla problem. no biggie. haha.

Sue Lin said...

Oh really!? So i'm not d only one?!

Funny la u, exorcist related thing! HAHAAHAH

supplementals said... reminds me of my raw cream of mushroom...

Sue Lin said...

OH MAN, I TOTALLY FORGOT ABT THAT! ahahahahahahahahah

Laughs until coughs literally!

Man, so sorry abt that!! HAHAHHAHA