Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vote for Dawn (edited)

Monday blues hitting the wrong way, feeling so pissed that my next client is north west of KL, i prefer the south, like in Bangi, i freaking have to drive so far and get stuck in traffic.

Thank god its only for 5 days... but in that 5 days i have to audit 2 whole companies on my own. I am so lazy, senior expects me to finish 99% of both companies up to the 1st draft of the financial statements! Crap

Be like Dawn, be optimistic, admire her spirits, they gave her an awful hair style and weird clothes, made her shoot under the hot sun yet she never fail to give her best. Dawn's is in the top 4 of Malaysian Dream Girl d! Vote for her okay?! =) Type "DREAM 02" and send to 33001 or type "DREAM 02 5" for 5 votes. Thanks!

(27/4/2009) This is fcuked up man, stupid Malaysian Income tax... there is English translation at the bottom but when it comes to the PDF version for keeps, its all in MALAY! No sight of English words anywhere, how bullshit, i NEED the stupid thing to HAVE English words, makes my life so difficult without

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Sue Lin said...

Actually it wasnt too bad going to Damansara Perdana for work. Going takes 30-40mins i am surprised. And the drive home on Monday was a breeze. Yesterday and today;s drive home took at least 45, sigh, but its better than the drive home from working in Kepong

And i LOVE this client for going home early!!!!!! =) =) Thank god