Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello & Goodbye November

I know, i havent blogged in over a month!!!

Went on holiday in Far North Queensland: Townsville and Cairns.

Our first two week holiday together!

Brought us closer =)


I looked at opals one night just for fun and he got crazy over opals after that! Hahah. We went to the Crystal Caves and spent hours in there!

He layan me take pictures!

Asked other tourists to help us get a shot

More of me!

We did so much in two weeks

Wallets are recovering these few weeks. Simple nights in, cooked for each other and watch tv.

He loves my black hair... weird, i wish it was red!


Mrs White said...

You guys look soo happy.
Absolutely awesome. Very happy for you and that you both had a great time. If that doesn't make you closer I don't know what will.
Thanks for sharing.
Your blogging is missed.

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Mrs White =)
I do miss your comments!