Friday, December 14, 2012

Season's Greeting!

Was surfing through Facebook and i saw a girl write on Aerial Diva's Facebook site, asking about the Christmas showcase about this year for Hoop Intermediate 2. I expressed my interest even though i wasn't a student this term and Aerial Diva's Facebook admin invited me for the Christmas showcase practice!

I called on the day of the practice and the receptionist told me to come in early as they might start early! Perfect! Went for practice and forced the routine into memory and here's my video!

Just 1.5hours of practice! I know i messed up and my legs arent the most elegant but hey i'm happy =) Love my hoop!

Also very thankful to have my Stephen attend and videotape it for me. Last year i asked another girl's mom to record it for me! LOL! I said thank you to Steve. He looked at me and said "It was hardly a chore" =)

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