Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Races

High school friend i've known since i was 15 invited me to go for the races!
Excitedly i agreed! Which girl would pass up the chance to dress up from head to toe?

 Girls waiting for the train. Semi-candid shot

 The devil and the angel, in black and in white. Pretty JS and I =)

 All dolled up

We arrived just as the first race starts
 Everyone gathers to watch the horses go by! Anxiously waiting to see if they've won the bet

 There were eight races for the day

In between we took tonnes of pictures! 

 We placed some small bets

  Won some, lost some

 We ate and we drank wine

We looked at the fashion of other women 

Very simple but enjoyable, i wanna do it again!

All you need is the girls and a camera!


Mrs White said...

You ladies you absolutely gorgeous. And, it looks like the weather was awesome to top off your day.
Thanks for sharing.
Hope you had fun...sure looks like you did.

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

Thank you Mrs White! Yeah that day was awesome, the weather was just so beautiful!! =)

Ewelina said...

Hi! Great photos! You look very nice! :)

Sue Lin said...

Thank you dear! =)