Sunday, March 11, 2012

Performance Night

Just after three weeks of practice! 
I'm the one with dark hair in the back

Messed up a couple of moves but overall impressed with myself =) 

Most of my peers are obsessed with further education (post grad studies) and career progression. Promotions aren't the only achievements in life to me. Words cannot describe how awesome it feels each time this old dog learns new tricks =P

It's about time the common association of pole dance to strip clubs and nightclubs be discarded. It requires a lot of weight training and is like gymnastics. Hence, i have been uploading pix and videos of me. 

Parents, both fathers and mothers of some of the local girls were there to support them! Can't imagine my father supporting me! Hahahah

Little shout to the one who helped me record the video. Thanks for showing up and supporting me =)


Mrs White said...

Congrats to you!!
That was awesome.
Great job!
Isn't it such a sense of accomplishment? You made a decision to do it, you stuck it through, you finished....and learned some fancy new tricks that not everybody can you. Do are in a special club now....Pole dancing!! Woo Hoo.
Keep up the great work.
I support you!

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

Thank you Mrs White! How are you doing??
I appreciate your support, hope u'll try pole one day =) Its definitely an accomplishment!