Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Damn Apple and its App creators! 

Hooked on the Draw game since Friday night!

It was hilarious because the other person can see you draw, erase lines and thrash drawings

I started off with the basic black, white, red, yellow and blue
You earn points to buy colours 

I laughed at my own drawings! 
It was so hard at first!

Two nights ago, i could only draw Stick Man and Stick Woman. They had a make over and are now
Posh Spice and David Beckham!
Can you guess what the other four pictures are?


Mrs White said...

Girl....i just downloaded that game on Saturday night. I was at a wedding reception and about 4 of the ladies at my table were playing with that App...lmao Now me and my hubby got it!

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

OMG, did u??!!!! Hahah, add me on Facebook (link on the right side bar of my blog) and lets start playing! =)