Monday, June 06, 2011


From driving along the four lane Jalan Loke Yew to work at 30kmph with hordes of motorbikes driving in between lanes, they will honk you and give you death stares if u so much as turn on your signal to change lanes. 10km journey takes 45minutes at best (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

To driving on the four lane M1 highway here at 90kmph. I dont see ANY motorbikes at all =) And if u change lanes people give way. Takes 35 minutes on average to go 25km (Melbourne, Australia)

From listening to and to listening to Fox and There is a in both countries.

Then i started listening to in KL... where they talk interview CEOs and financial people.

Lately i've been listening to Triple J in Melb. Love the issues discussed. The condom advertisement on a billboard featuring a gay couple. An employee was suing the employer for being sacked via sms. Live cattle that is exported to Indonesia are inhumanly slaughtered there. Arguments for and against the ban of live cattle export to Indonesia have good points

Today as i was enjoying my walk along Bourke Street and noticed a campaign! People approached my friends and i to sign petitions for the ban on live cattle export! I know these things are common here, even in my short visit to Perth in 1999 I witnessed some of it. But still, the voicing of opinions surprised me!

Pic 1: Hardware Lane
Pic 2: Yum cha (Dim sum) in Rainbow Restaurant. Food is cute but taste is just average
Pic 3 & 4: A black girl was trying on the dress in a shop, it looked so good on her, i tried one on myself. We both bought it!

In Spanish, junio means June. And you are supposed to write the days and months without a capital letter =)


dawn said...

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simple nice and sweet write up. Love how you do the comparisons :)

I like! And seems fun there! Oh luuurrrrrrve the first pic alot. Very nice.

Sue Lin said...

Hahha thanks for the like Dawn =) I think there are ways to add it onto the blog, Damian might know. Heheh. I used to ask him a lot about blogging technical stuff, now no time for this poor bloggie.

Thanks for the compliments dear, glad u enjoyed the read =) Come visit me!! I'll bring u out =)

Out of Sync said...

A great read =)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Aaron =) Hows it going??

dawn said...

yay! made my decision so shall be visiting very soon :)

miss you! kisses!

Sue Lin said...

Dawn hahah, good to hear u followed my advice =P Now have to wait for u to go for training and then wait for u to be sent here right?

Isya said...

i know alot of people listen to in KL but sometimes the tone they speak in is soo monotonous, it makes me really sleepy especially on a monday morning!

oh sue lin.... we're getting old and having lesser and lesser time to blog. sobssssss

Sue Lin said...

Isya!!! Yeah i agree we are getting old =( This post already has comment moderation, meaning its older than a week =( And i havent posted anything new yet. Sighhhhh

Yeah sometimes gets monotonous and i just switch back to Hitz! Hahah

supplementals said...

macam fairytale. i like how u said black girl lol

Sue Lin said...

Fairy tale cuz little traffic jam???