Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peak'a Boooo

It just crept up to me and said BOO

The PEAK PERIOD is HERE and i didn't know it till yesterday!! HAHAH

I read it here, but i didnt think it applied to me! =P

Which makes sense, thats why i haven't had time to blog

Which makes sense, i mean, its been so so long since a had a full chargeability. The fortnight ending 31st Oct, i'll charge 100% to clients. No more Available Time

Which is funny, this week i've worked in offices in Damansara Heights, Shah Alam and i'll work near the Subang Airport, all in one week man!

How i wish i could say Denmark, Spain and South Africa instead! HAHAHA, dream on


supplementals said...

Denmark, Spain, South AFrica... all in due time...the trick is to keep the dream alive. Keep dreaming and it will come! Then you can bring back souvenirs for me! heee :D

Sue Lin said...

Awww, after a long hard day's work (and driving 80km), your comment made me smile and gave me hope =)

I originally came here to say that the peak period POUNCED on me and i spoke too soon when i posted this post

gOrgeOus gRaCe said...

lol...before i scroll down i thought u went to peek a boo hair saloon for new hairdo...but after reading all its about ur work... =D

Tan said...

It is all excuses Sue Lin. Glad you are unstable with your job. All the best.

Sue Lin said...

Hahha, no la Grace, i go to the same old Taman hairdresser. Great prices and near home. I've been wanted to check out the tattoo eyelid thing they offer at Peeka Boo's saloon. Never gotten around to it though

Thanks, Marcus

Joey said...

Stay strong! Don't exactly know wat a peak period is, only know it's a busy time for audits. Add oil!

Sue Lin said...

Thank Joey, hope i make it through!

teapenguin said...

hey girl,

hahaha ... can i pls pls rub it in??

i am going to China tomorrow morning and Rome next week.. just got back from South Africa, Brisbane and Colombo..

Life is nothing but sea and sunshine... No paper work... No incoperative clients and boring laptops all day long..

Only have crying babies who drive u mad or rather, DEAF.. vomit and poo... stinky breaths... absolutely fragrant toilets... dry and broken skin.. dehydrated conditions... fatigue... painful knees and feet...

and worse of all.. no monkey call SL around...

which would you rather? kekeke..

miss you! take good care and stay hydrated throut this pig, oops i mean peak period.. :) HUGS

ps: so are you coming? then u can add aingapore to your list ;)

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, i didnt say can rub it in also? Miss ya too! Glad u commented! Great hearing from u, sorry i couldnt go visit Spore. Read my email k, there are things i cant blog about!