Thursday, February 28, 2013

Level 5 at Pole

This term i learned The Angel
Love this move! Apparently I managed to do the Extended Angel once today, i couldnt really see myself in the mirror but my teacher said "Thats it!"

Once upon a time, i couldn't even do the basic invert. Now u can see the muscles in my thigh! Whoooo! Toned, yeah!

The Pike

In the past i dont get it when i was told to use the armpits to grip. Look at me now! Armpit grip!

Watch me go from the Pike to the Angel in a combo

I actually messed up after the Pike and spun too fast but decided to salvage it and do the Angel anyway. Not bad =) Couldnt do the Siren exit

Last picture, what Pole Princess calls the Sideways Nasty Girl.
I know its a little obscene, both the name and the trick. But its almost a split!!!! My legs are so straight in this picture, they look so long! My toes are so pointy! I'm smiling and i dont look like i'm struggling- i wasn't struggling! I'm surprised at how much i love this picture! How can i resist, had to upload =)