Saturday, February 16, 2013


Steve had an appointment last Saturday morning. I slept in. Shortly after Steve left, his housemate banged on the door and asked me if i was using my car that day. I said i was "not sure, why?"

I heard sniffing and opened my eyes. Even without my spectacles, with my bad vision, i could see The Housemate wipe his eyes.

The Housemate mumbled go to parent's house or something, i didnt quite catch it but on instinct i got up to get him the keys to my car.

I dont think i even said "its okay, you can take my car", i just said let me get some stuff out.

I asked what happened and The Housemate mumbled. I had to make him repeat it two times before i managed to get the words "Mom called", "collapse" and "trying to revive him". He thanked me for the car and went off.

After that i looked at the clock, 8.45am. I started thinking. Why didn't he borrow the other housemate's car. Why not just take a cab? And then i got worried, what if The Housemate was too emotional and gets into an accident in my car and totally ruins it? How am I to go to work?

I just prayed everything will be okay for The Housemate and my car. After all, he never asked to borrow my car or Steve's before this.

That night my car was returned safely. The Housemate's girlfriend thanked me for the car on his behalf and she gave me a summary of the day.

The Housemate's father had passed away at 8.35am. The Housemate didnt make it on time, but he was there to be with the mother at that crucial moment.

I felt so sad for the The Housemate. We are the same age. I kept thinking of it that night and the next morning. I am so thankful that i have my parents. This is not the first friend my age to have a parent pass away. Especially after my father's head operation.

It was a little bit of a hassle that day, Steve had to drive me around and back and forth in between his own schedule but I was also so relieved that my instinct was so strong, that i gave up my car without hesitation, without a second thought.

I was relieved that the bitchy thoughts came too late, he already took the car and i couldnt change my mind.

What i did was right, my instincts told me what to do and i am happy i listened. I would have had a hard time forgiving myself if i didnt do what i did.


Mrs White said...

You are awesome!
My condolences to your housemate and their family. How horrible.
You are right though. We really need to trust our instincts. I'm glad you did too.
Keep being an awesome person and great example to others.

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Mrs White! I'm glad i did what i did, so thankful. Your awesome too in so many ways =)