Monday, October 08, 2012

Hello October

I do not want to give up blogging. Love it too much, the thought of giving up crossed my mind though =( Writing this with closing eyelids.
 In May when the Australian Football (Footy) season started and the footy tipping (football betting) started at work, i decided then and there that i'm out of there by the end of the season. So i worked on my Chartered Accountancy qualification. Just needed the last bit to be done.

Took me a few pushes to get it all done and that was completed by the end of June Met my Stephen at the end of June and was on cloud nine pretty much all the time. Got side tracked and it took a good friend's nagging to get me sending out those job applications.

Funny how i met that friend through blogging. He's helped me a lot. And Stephen helped him buy football tickets when he went to the UK! =)

Beginning of August i met with some recruiters who were promising but didnt really help. I independently applied for jobs online and attended three interviews. Got two offers and picked one =)

Two weeks after i started, it was the Footy Grand Final. So i achieved my goal =)

Been there for three weeks now. No complains so far. People are nice. And we do stuff like regularly donate blood! I havent been donating blood since 2009!!! Am pleased to be doing it regularly =)

This week has been perfect... somewhat, i did make a stupid mistake on Tuesday morning. Monday Stephen and i went for Kelly Clarkson concert after work. Tuesday evening catch up with friends (D visited from Malaysia), Wednesday night i had hoop class and slept early. Thursday during lunch i donated blood and two days later i got my period. Perfect timing! =) Quiet and well deserved relaxing THurs and Fri evening. Sat morning i went for hoop practice, spent some time working on my volunteer work and in the evening attended this year's TalentCorp event (blogged about it last year).

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