Monday, April 09, 2012


I knew i parked my car near the Guess and Quicksilver outlets but i couldn't find either one!

To make it an FML position, i decided to buy two bottles of two litre Pepsi that day!

I walked around and around with them! I thought my arms were going to ache the next day.

But guess what, no pain at all!!! I'm strong!! =) Heheh. Four litters of Pepsi, plus 800gram of meat and walk around closed shopping mall? No sweat!

American Pie

My girl friend and i were walking to the cinema to buy tickets to the Hunger Games. We walked pass by a billboard for American Pie: Reunion. She asked me if i have seen it. I said "I havent, have u?"

She said no and then i asked her if she wanted to watch that instead! She said ok n we went for American Pie! We both absolutely loved it!!! Gotta love the part where the main character wakes up with a hang over and WITHOUT HIS PANTS and he uses the transparent pot lid to cover his jewels... And yes, it was shown it in the movie!


Mrs White said...

You'll enjoy Hunger Games when you go see it also. I wasn't a reader of the book and had no clue what the story was about but still enjoyed it once I got into it. I'll make sure to go check out American Pie. lol

Mrs White


Sue Lin said...

Hmm, really u think so? On your recommendation, maybe when i get the chance i'll go see it! =)

Isya said...

omg, ur arms are freaking strong. i think i wld have just pulled a muscle and prolly try to make the bottle lighter by drinking them up lol

aahhh... american pie definitely not showing in malayisa. well, at least the naughty bits. which wld make the movie pointless to watch.

miss you, sue lin!!

Sue Lin said...

Yeah, it did cross my mind to drink one of them! Hahah, or just ditch it. I was so surprised!!! It was quite tiring, i drank up all my water n by the time i got to the car, i opened a bottle and drank straight of out it.

Dont watch American Pie in Malaysian cinema, its not worth it. There are wayyy too many nude bits!

Miss u too Isya