Monday, February 27, 2012

Torquay Beach

Next thing i know, it was a whole afternoon of sun, sand, sea, waves smashing into my face and water going in my nose!

Rented surf boards and K-Mart bogey boards!

PL gave me some simple body boarding (belly on the board) lessons and we went to give it a go! Most of the time i either miss the wave... 

Or get thrown about underwater with my eyes closed, clinging onto the board and surrendering to the ocean and letting it sweep me to shore, scraping my knee or butt against the sand, all the while drinking salt water through my nose.

At least two times, i managed to properly body board and ride the wave to shore! =)

The group, made up of friends of friends! Lots of chilling out on the sand, people watch, ate fruits and played ball and sand fights! 

I could do this every weekend in summer! 

Just gotta make damn sure i apply sunblock evenly

Don't miss a spot or strip! Hahah


Out of Sync said...

Ha, that's cool Sui Lin, I live right next to Torquay! Funny to think how close you were. Torquay is such a good beach.

Sue Lin said...

You live near Torquay???? Didnt know, u should have joined us! Do u head to the beach as often as u can?? I love that restaurant Swell! Brunch was sooooo good!

Out of Sync said...

Haha yeah I live in Geelong (you would of passed it on your way), so I'm just an easy 15 minute drive from Torquay.

Yep head there as often as I can for sure, when our crazy weather allows. I have some amazing memories at that beach =D

Looked like you had a lot of fun, should try and go again soon before summer ends!

Sue Lin said...

Ohhh!!! U live in Geelong! Do u work there too?

Yeah!! I would love to go again this weekend but its forecasted to rain =( Also heard that there will be rain for the at least one month! Bye bye beach! I am only starting to heal from all that sunburn now

Out of Sync said...

Yep work there also, right in the centre of town. It is a very nice place, great places to eat and drink, you should explore it some time, or if you want a guide let me know haha.

And yes... our weather is so crazy... a week of rain predicted in the middle of summer. I am really hoping to get to the beach again before my trip.

Hey my email is aaron.developer@gmail if you wanted to chat through there instead =)

Sue Lin said...

Sent ya an email! =) Yupppp weather is nuts!!! It was nice on Wednesday when my friend was visiting Melb! But when i wanted to take her to walk along the Yarra River it rained!!! Thankfully she was cool and enjoyed my favourite walk/spot of Melb! =) said...

Cool post! Thanks.

Sue Lin said...

Thank you!