Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pole at home

Not in my home unfortunately
PL and i took courses in different pole academies, so the stuff we learned varies. Exchanged experiences! Awesome workout!

The shoulder stand

Many students can't do the hand stand in Level 4, so they introduced the shoulder stand in Level 3 as training for the hand stand.

Level 3 is really intense. I can do the tricks individually but the dance routine is tough! There are two combos
1. Foxy + Tease + Lay Back Variation (holding onto the pole above ground for about 30 seconds)
2. Foxy + Mermaid + Princess (takes another 30seconds or so)
I struggle with combo 1 because it is hard to transition and grip the pole, combo 2 i manage but spin wayyy too fast! Hahah!

Doing the Princess with straight legs

I noticed a book titled Effortless Empire on PL's desk and we launched into an investment talk!! The accountant and the financial planner talking about interest rates after pole dancing? Women today =)