Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fake Eyelashes, Social Media and Opportunities

I had semi permanent fake eyelashes glued onto my real ones in November last year because i had two spring races to attend

I wanted to enhance my eyes and take pretty photos with the girls

I didn't realise i'd end up wearing sunglasses on both occasions! 

The fake eyelashes were a little too long for me to put on my glasses since i'm Asian and i have a rather flat nose. This is detrimental to me because that meant i had to wear contact lens all the time, even to work.

My work requires me to sit in front of the computer all day and i was really suffering with my fake eyelashes and contact lens by the end of my first week. I turned to my optician friend on Facebook for some advice about caring for my eyes. 

After saying thank you, i tried to return the favour by saying, "If you need any accounting advice, just ask me!"

Pure coincidence, he mentioned he was opening his own business in February and might need help with administration and accounting!! 

This is a friend i met at 16, in extra tuition classes after school. After high school, everyone went on their own separate ways. A friend i haven't seen in about 10years!

The invitation for the grand opening of their shop was sent out on Facebook. I accepted and made the effort to attend. It was a good catch up with CL and i met his business partner HC.

They made me their accountant =) Yay! 

Been busy over April with their work. They are nice people to hang out with. Its just a funny story, one that i am proud of.

A picture of my healthy eyeball =)

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