Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bitter Confessions

When i was 23 i loved attending my senior colleague's or manager's weddings.

At that age, it's fun seeing OLDER people tie the knot. Now i'm almost 28 it sucks seeing everyone get hitched.

"When is you turn?", people annoyingly ask me. My heart fills with bitter volcanic fury while i fake a smile and force myself to be polite to these rude people who have no idea what pain they have inflicted upon me...

If i had a dick i'd have more say but as a chick my hands are tied until the other half pops the question. Statistics show that if a woman proposes or forces the man to propose, the marriage is 50% more likely to fail. Like Britney Spears.

Another thing that did hurt was that my childhood best friend did not ask me to be her bridesmaid. 
Given we are not as close as we once were.
Given i have already been bridesmaid once and will be bridesmaid again in March.
Given i did THINK that i didnt want to be her bridesmaid.
But still, when she named her bridesmaids on Facebook and i wasnt one of them, it does somehow hit me somewhere.

Not to tears. No tears shed. I didnt really want to do the whole bridesmaid thing a third time in the span of 1 year. But still, damned if u do, damned if you dont.

Either way I just cant win.


Azz said...

Marriage is a huge life commitment Sue, and isn't one of those things where you can say "All my friends have it, why can't I!".

It is just 'a title' anyway. Are you not with someone you love being with? All because you don't have 'the title' of being married, doesn't mean anything. Because even if you were 'married', what is the difference really? You'd still be exactly are you are today :)

My parents recently got separated after being married for 20 years, but they got married really young. Let it happen when it is meant to.

Sue Lin said...

Sorry to hear about your parents.

Thanks for your words =) Appreciate it. I just dont understand why so many other ASIAN people like to ask me when is my turn.