Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 comes to an end

First up, the resolutions. Two out of three achieved. 

Managed to buy a house and lose 5kg. Didnt get the splits for two reasons. One reason was because Steve and i moved into the new house! We did major renovations on the kitchen.


And after $12,000 of work, labour and material

Pretty pleased =) We did a lot from sourcing the appliances, floor tiles, contractors - electrician and plumber who were good and plasterer who wasnt so good, got Steve's colleague to help us take down a wall to open up the living area and the tiling for the floor. Got the cabinets and benchtop purchased and Steve did the installation and finally the red tile splashback. Its home, i love it.

Steve and i celebrated our 1st Year Anniversary together

At the same cafe we went to for our first date. Just a simple one.

The next major thing to happen is my dislocated shoulder injury at silks in September. This is the second reason i didnt work on my splits.

Made good friends with the girls in class and i joined them for a night out the day after my injury

Me in my sling with the strong girls. Many outings since then

It was tough for me, to attend the cabaret and watch the other girls perform the routine i practiced so hard for before i had my injury. It nearly brought me to tears seeing five silks, and only 4 girls. The fifth was meant for me. The healing process was a character building exercise.

Me and our teacher Vanessa in front of the girls after the cabaret performance. One thing i learned is that if u want to be in a photo u have to run in on ur own. Never wait for others to call you to join in with a photo. That's what i did with this one, they were welcoming and Hazel captioned this photo "with recovering artist" =)

Also i realised i tend to overeat when i was doing pole and silks, which caused my weight to jump from 59kg about Sep 2011 to 64kg by Jan 2013. During my injury, i went a little easier with meal sizes and throughout spring i walked 30minutes during lunch on average 3 days a week and once or twice a week in the evenings. Back to 59kg by November 2013. Aiming to lose another 5kg in 2014. I figured it will help me in pole and silks, the less i weigh, the less strain i will put on my joints when lifting myself up.

My cousin Shereen came to Aust to study in April, met Tun around July or August and by December they got married! LOL.

My first time as bridesmaid and first time giving a speech! All the adults and Steve said i was good, Steve said i sounded posh. Yay! Family in Melbourne is getting bigger and bigger!

The last big thing to happen in 2013 came as a little Feather Baby, a noisy miner bird Steve and i adopted. 12 short days filled with love and chirps. We were devastated when it died one extremely hot afternoon. Burying it was painful and every time another couple refers to their dog as their child or to themselves as parents of a cat, i felt that life can be unfair and cruel...

Sums up my 2013. Eventful with a mixture of ups and very trying downs. 


Azz said...

So much change since the previous year Sue :D

I am glad to hear your life in Melbourne is going well!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Aaron! Hope all is well for you too =)