Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Instead of a picture post tonight, i'll put up my thoughts.

In an anti-bullying campaign on the radio, the DJ said that it is hard for kids these days because when the victim goes home from school, the bullying doesnt end. Bullying continues on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Blogger too, i've had my fair share of flamers.

I had a bit of first hand experience with how bullying can continue online. A and S are grown men who had a falling out. S is my bf, if you didnt instantly guess! Haha!

A had deleted (and blocked?) S from Facebook but not me.

Me being me who almost never deletes anyone, i remained Facebook friends with A.

S posted a picture and tagged J in it. J's gf and i liked the photo. I commented "Boy time. Hahaha".

Few hours later, S tells me i need to delete and block A.

If you know me well, i have never been one to condone relationships where one party dictates who the other can be friends with. However, in this instance, i deleted and blocked A immediately.

S says that A can see the photo because i liked it. He told me that A was swearing in the comments of the photo!!

It got me thinking. How effective is the security settings on Facebook? We are grown adults, yes some adults can be childish, but as adults, S and i are able to not let it affect us too much. But kids, how would they deal with online bullying? It worries me.

Oh, striking resemblance. 8 years ago, my then bf and i fell out with a guy friend with the initial A and gf! Recently, my current bf and i fell out with a friend with the initial A and gf!

That's not where the resemblances end. There is one more striking similarity that i noticed earlier but shall not mention. Other than the fact that both A's are alpha male wannabes...

Back then, 8 years ago, i sobbed and sobbed over the lost friendships. Back then i couldnt understand it and wished for forgiveness. Wished things would go back to the way it was.

This time around, not a single tear shed. Not a single tear shed!

I have grown =)


Mrs White said...

My post today is also related to Bullying. Check it out!
We all have stories to tell of horrible people!
And we are strong survivors!

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

Will hunt for it on your site! LOL, sorry for the super late reply. Didnt have proper internet connection for ages!