Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello September Spring

Begun Australian spring in style this September

It was a freezing day when we headed to the races but took off our jackets for a few pretty shots =) The wind was strong, my fascinator isn't quite right on my head. Oh well.

Inside, where its warm. Me holding my winning ticket. Bet $5 and lost, and then bet another $5 and won $9. So i lost $1 in the end!! Hahah!

Loads of pictures to post and I dont think i have even finish writing about last year's Spring Races! Not to mention i've never blogged about my white water rafting, have not finished Cambodia 2009. I've got a video to upload. Actually i have three videos to upload! Pole pictures yet to be posted.

So many other aspects of my life that i have to sort out first!

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Keunlu said...

You look chubby in your animal print dress!!!!!!!