Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aerial Fabrics

Took up the latest offering: 
Aerial Hammocks course in Term Four.

The Swordfish (above). Felt soooo cool doing this one, love it!

The Stag (above). Only holding on by the arms. Because i've been doing Pole dance for almost year and a fair bit of aerial Hoop, this wasn't too bad for me.

The Pretzel. It's awesome. Not that difficult but painful in between the thighs!!!


Mrs White said...

Well look at you!!


Mrs White

Sherry said...

Wow you can do pole so good, hehe.l if me sure cannot I am fat...clumsy too.lo


Oh ya I added u in fb

Olga A said...

that is so cool wish i could do that - oa behindthestagebeauty.blogspot.com

Sue Lin said...

Mrs White thank you!!! =) I'll post videos soon!

Sherry and Olga A there are a lot of bigger women doing pole too! Everyone starts at the beginning and builds strength =) You can always give it a go!